Management Services

Maruti 3PL's team of experts provides various management services for your organization. With some of the best minds in logistics planning and management, supply chain management and logistics information systems and management, Maruti 3PL helps you get most out of your investments and assets, minimizing losses and increasing efficiency and responsiveness.

Our expert data analysts analyses logistics data collected from various sensors. Such analyses are carried with respect to spatial, temporal and other relevant parameters and highlights key improvement areas after proper root-cause analysis. Our experts and their smart algorithms generate and analyse customized reports for all your vehicular logistics. We also make sure that right alerts and reports goes to right person in your organization. Through these data analytics reports, our experts provide you route optimization analysis, idle-time analysis and stoppage analysis. Our experts rate your vehicles and drivers on different parameters through scorecard system.

With Maruti 3PL's highly skilled management services, we can help you:-

  • Optimize routes
  • Rate your drivers and vehicles
  • Optimize idling time
  • Identify key improvement area
  • Optimize fuel usages
  • Plan responsive strategies
  • Plan cost-effective strategies
  • Improve lead-time