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About Maruti 3PL

Founded by alumnus of IIT Roorkee, Maruti 3PL is a third party logistics company aiming to optimize vehicular logistics. We are an IIT-born idea and a proud Indian born company. With our innovative products and services, we want to serve Indian and global markets.

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fleeton is a smart fleet management platform from the house of Maruti 3PL.
Our cutting edge GPS tracking technology, computing power of SaaS and our robust servers makes fleeton an intuitive, smart and awesome software.

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Managemet Services

Maruti 3PL's team of experts provides various management services for your organization. With some of the best minds in logistics planning and management, supply chain management and logistics information systems and management, Maruti 3PL helps you get most out of your investments and assets, minimizing losses and increasing efficiency and responsiveness.

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